Metal bins

Why would you choose the best Metal bins manufacturers and suppliers in Pune, Maharashtra?

We at WestroEngieers are a leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal bins in Pune, Maharashtra India. We are offering the best quality metal bins at best prices for a wide range of industrial applications.

Why customers would prefer our metal bins?

• Our metal bins are designed and fabricated with a number of storage bins and compartments that are suitable to hold all types of equipment.
• We manufactured these storage bins or compartments in different sizes and dimensions as per the customer’s requirements.
• We also designed metal bins in such manner to carry very small equipment like screw, nuts, bolts, hoses, wires etc.

Westro Engineers metal bins

Features and specifications :

• Extreme storage capacity
• Easily moveable
• Sturdy construction
• Stackable or wall mounted
• Premium quality metal

Applications :

• Metal fabrications
• Steel industry
• Colleges
• Manufacturing units
• Solar industry.

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